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Nkandla is situated amongst the world heritage route Isandlwana Battlefields in Nquthu, Melmoth, Ulundi, Eshowe, and Blood River in Dundee. It is situated in a remote area of breathtaking mountains beauty, which consists mainly of tribal lands and state-owned land.  

The areas has a wealth of undisturbed forests, which boast many indigenous species. Nkandla has a claim to be the `cradle` of Zulu history from Malandela to Shaka, to Dingane and Cetshwayo, Nkandla has been at the centre stage of the Zulu nations history. The graves of Inkosi Sgananda and Cetshwayo are at Nkandla.   

Nkandla offers exquisite natural beauty i.e. Beautiful Mountains, hills, indigenous forest with birding routes. Nkandla is a home of a high quality world class tea, the monuments, traditional crafts, history, customs and religion. Nkandla today is known all over the world as the place where our honorable former president was born (Nxamalala – Our Former Presidents Home Town).


Nkandla has so much to offer the guest in terms of historical, cultural and natural activities i.e. Exciting Adventures (Mome Gorge), Visit local Shebeens meet Nkandla Crafters, Get tour guides who will take you on a tour to a historical or cultural attraction site of your choice and provide you with an information you looking for, experience the life of sangomas (Traditional healers), cultural events, Drink Zulu Beer with local community. Nkandla has a huge history and cultural heritage with a cultural legacy that dates back to the great Zulu King Shaka and beyond. 

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